Y’know what I like?

I like having a guy friend that I can flirt with and flirts back. But we don’t take it seriously, we just have fun with it. Maybe one day it will turn serious, maybe it won’t. 

But for now, I’m just gonna talk about how great he looks and he talks about all the fun we would have having sex.

No pressure.

Just idiots being idiots.

I tried to open my packet of granola.

It spewed everywhere. 

Currently, me and my bed are covered in granola

I just saw someone on facebook who I haven’t seen in…I don’t know how long. Use to be best friends. First crush. He was everything to me growing up.

Now….I am so glad I did not waste my time on him.


*stands to the left of chris evans and starts telling jokes, hoping*

bighit: so...
bighit: bts is having a comeback...
bighit: in like...a week ?
me: how dare u

So, it looks like I might be meeting this dude this Sat. And that is how I am going to look at it: me meeting him. This is not a date, just a day to hang out.

For all assholes in the Teen Wolf Fandom ridiculing/hating/just generally being a dipshit towards the cast and crew…

Let’s have a brief talk, shall we. I would put this under a read more, but that would be polite and none of you dirtbags deserve my politeness.

What in God’s holy name has gotten in to ya’ll? I mean, really? You entitled, disrespectful, cry babies. This cast and crew are busting their asses to put on an amazing show for you (I am completely ignoring Davis). To bring you something for your enjoyment and a chance to escape from the hell that might have been your day, week, month, year, or life. And you want to fucking boycott them? Make them remember why they need you?

Pull your heads out of your asses and listen for one damn second. I’m talking, clean your ears good, sit down, shut up, and absorb what myself and many others I know are trying to tell you idiots. Because if this attitude persists, you are going to destroy something sweet and turn into massive, tantrum throwing toddlers and that is just going to be hell for the rest of us.

This cast and crew owe you shit. Do you understand that? They. Owe. You. SHITIf the small percentage on tumblr were to stop watching, this show would still go on. And you know why? Because people fucking exist outside of tumblr. People watch the show for the damn show. And those millions of people will keep this show going without any ounce of help from your whiny asses. So take that idea that the fandom on tumblr is the reason why this show continues on out of your head because it is not the truth. Do you help? Yes. But you are not the be all, end all. You are not that special. So this petition you have started is nothing more than an annoyance and a device used to hurt this cast and crew. Which, by the fucking way, shame on all you assholes you signed and agreed with that dumbass petition. You have shown your true colors of not being a real fan of this show. You are nothing more than a grubby, ship obsessed, idiot that believes the world revolves around your wants.

Now, on to the topic of the cast and crew disrespecting the fans. What kind of bullshit are you smoking? Disrespecting the fans? Seriously? Where did they do such a thing? Dylan and Posey made comments about a question they are literally asked at every. freakin. con. Do you not think they get tired of having to listen to questions about ships? I mean, here they are hoping for insightful questions about characters, plot lines, themselves. Instead, they constantly are faced with a question centered around ships. If I had to continuously hear that word and those questions, I think I would show my aggravation to. The show is not just about ships.

Let me repeat that.

The show is not just about ships.

So to always have to answer questions concerning that idea, it has to drag that energy from the group down. I mean, you can practically hear the collective thought of ‘Here we go again.' every time one of those questions are brought up. So yes, Dylan and Posey made their irritation known. They are human. You can only handle so many of the same questions that really do not deal with what the show is about before you get tired of it.

But the fact that 90% of this collective group of assholes decided to target Posey shows the complete, utter lack of respect you have for this amazing human being. Dylan is your golden boy and some of you creepily ship him with Hoechlin in real life. So, I don’t see many of you bashing him. But Posey? The star of the show? A boy you don’t believe deserves that title (and don’t dare deny you wish Dylan wasn’t the star of the show, I remember the posts)? You hate on him as if it is your damn job.

Newsflash bitches, he will not sit back quietly and take that abuse. He will not let you steal his title as main star of the show away from him and give it to someone else. Tyler Posey earned that role. Tyler Posey is Scott motherfucking McCall, a glorious hero who I wish to be like or meet someone like cause amazing person alert. Dylan O’Brien said it himself in an interview that he didn’t want to go out for the role of Scott because he enjoyed the role of Stiles more. He chose not to be the main star. Quit acting like Posey stole something from him.

But some of you idiots cannot grasp this fact, so of course Posey has to remind you that he is the star. Of course Posey has to remind you that he is important. Because you stupid people cannot grasp that or choose to ignore it in favor of Dylan or Hoechlin (even though I love Hoechlin).

The problem is, you don’t like being reminded of this fact. You don’t like being reminded that Dylan nor Hoechlin is the star. So you bash Posey because you wish he wasn’t. You bash Posey because you make up tiny, pathetic reasons to full your hate for him. you bash Posey because your golden boys can do no wrong.

Dylan says a mean comment towards a fan about a question, but you choose to attack Posey instead even though his comment wasn’t that bad. Hoechlin pretty much gives the same answer as Posey about fanfiction, you attack Posey only. This vile group of people will hurt this amazing human being for no reason other than he isn’t their golden boy. Which is so damn sad considering the great friendship he has with your faves. So I can only imagine how Dylan and Hoechlin view the lot of you rude dirtbags.

But attacking Posey is the tip of the iceberg. This fandom also created a petition to get Shelley Henning off the show. For what reason? Simply because her character was making out with Stiles? She didn’t act like how you wanted her character to? She looks gorgeous? And you bash Meagan Tandy and her character constantly on twitter, to the point she has to literally defend herself and her character. All because of what? She is making out with Hoechlin? Coming in and being fabulous? We also can’t forget the great #killallison can we? Pretty positive that one started after she planned to kill Derek. Or maybe because she was in a Juliet-esque role with Posey and you assholes thought you were above that sort of nonsense, right?

(clearly this fandom is misogynistic, but that’s a rant for another night)

This cast and this crew are busting their asses to produce a great show (once again, ignoring Davis). They come to work and enjoy the time they get to spend together. But it has to be bothering them that there are assholes out there who find fault in every. tiny. detail. Who can’t find the beauty and fun in what they are making and choose to try and turn what should be a fun experience into a battlezone.

Get off your high horses. Get it out of your head this cast and crew owe you something. Realize these are people. Realize, this is just. a. show. Arguing about ships and character types on Tumblr is one thing. People can ignore that bullshit all day long. But to actually go out and demean the human beings that have given you what you are fighting over in the first place?

Ugh. Disgraceful.

Crawl out of your caves and remember there is a world outside of television and tumblr. Remember that there are more important things in life. Also, realize you idiots don’t. control. shit. about the show.

Goodnight and Goodbye.

I didn’t get drunk texts.

That’s sad.