Hades x Persephone AU

He is the mastermind behind The Underworld, a secret underground organization that specializes in death, specifically assassinations. Most only believe he is a ghost, or a phantom covered in shadows. None would suspect he is a respectable businessman of the Hades Corporation. 

However, his secret is forced to be exposed when he learns of a rival attempting to assassinate the daughter of Demetria Willows, model and entrepraneur of the world-renown green-energy charity Gaia. Stephanie Willows is beautiful, elegant, and the target of a shadow organization. Normally, he wouldn’t care about someone such as her being killed, but he does not like competition.

The two meet at a business gala in Seoul, Korea. And it is here that he learns Stephanie is not just a princess in a castle. She has a dark side to her. One that stares death in the face with a smile painted red. And shows that power does not always mean brute strength and intimidation. Innocent looks and manipulation can be just as useful in a weapon arsenal.

Without realizing it, he has discovered in her the partner he as always craved. And in him, she has found someone that understands her idea of death as well as appreciates her love of life. Neither are willing to let the other go.

This shadowy figure planning to kill her will be dealt with. Then, they will take their rightful places as King and Queen of the Underworld. 

17 February 2014 at 9:05pm with 379 notes

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